Many times people are initially attracted to certain stones or crystals because of the energy they hold. After a while however, the feeling fades and the stones start to lose attraction. Most people don't realize the stones have actually cleared your energetic field but now are holding onto the very negative energy that they took from you! One way to help get energy of the stones back is to burn sage, and pass it over the stones for a minute, put them in running water (only if they have a hardness of 7 or more, otherwise they can be destroyed), or put them in the elements (moonlight, sunlight, earth, or  strong wind). Another way of clearing the stones is to use Reiki energy to clear them or also to meditate with the stones and project your thoughts of clearing onto them, and blowing gently on them until you feel the stone has been cleared. Stone jewelry is very delicate, so do research on your types of stones and crystals before getting them wet or putting them in the sun because they can easily be damaged (for example Amethyst will fade in the sun). You can also use the stone Selenite or rutilated Quartz to clear the stones. Just put them touching these stones and they will clear them within an hour. Using these methods you can keep your jewelry clean and high energy.

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