Dragon Stone Jewelry would like to acknowledge Marla Wilson for being an amazing customer as well as an outstanding and incredible person! 5 months ago, Marla wanted us to make a few custom made pieces for her. She sent a package of gorgeous loose Tahitian and South Sea Pearls and gave us free range on creativity. While we were creating art with her pearls, she was sculpting beauty with her own body. That's right! Marla successfully dropped 93 pounds of weight this year and is now sporting her new necklace sets with her new body! We, Dragon Stone Jewelry are so happy to be a part of your transformation of body, mind and jewels! What a woman!

What to know more about Marla and her transformation using tools like the 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse by JJ Smith - Nutritionist, Weight Loss Expert, Author  


Marla's Custom Made Items!




Dragon Stone Jewelry ran into Christina Williams at a Moby Concert of all places. She fell in love with one of our Amethyst chokers and has been wearing it at every outing since (literally!). Every picture we came across, shows Christina Williams featuring her DSJ choker. Amazing Christina!
We are so happy you found a piece that speaks to you and what a great stone for such a wonderful person. You are one with Amethyst!

Learn more about the stone Amethyst and other healing stones HERE!


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Featuring some of the hottest eyeglass wear!




DSJewel's New Video!

Introducing Dragon Stone Jewelry's Hot New Accessories!

Dragon Stone Jewelry presents their fun eyeglass accessories. Featuring several of the most favorite wear. Creating multi- talented necklaces using semi precious stones such as amethyst, rose quartz, jasper, onyx, tiger eye and many more! 


Each necklace ranges from $25- $35.

Now that's a fun and cheap way of keep track of your sunglasses or prescription glasses or simply having a necklace with your favorite healing stones!