Many of the stones we use have been used for thousands of years by our ancestors. They worshiped their Gods with them, used them for makeup and precious jewelry, and assigned them distinct properties which mostly remain intact to this day.

We always encourage people to decide what they need and consult many resources to determine the proper stones for their energy growth.  Many people instinctively know what they need initially when they choose stones and find themselves drawn by photos,  the feel, or even hear their favorites speaking to them. On the other hand, for growth and transformation, many times it is good to consult our guide or other sources and find a stone that complements the energy that is lacking or weak within your system. Certain stones also work together well to produce amplified effects. For example, clear quartz combined with amethyst will amplify the amethyst properties, and ever more so if the quartz is energetically programmed to do something for the person. Programming only works on certain stones, mostly within the quartz family with a terminated point, and you do this by setting an intention and energizing the stone with that intention doing a meditiation, Reiki cleansing, or focusing thoughts on the stone and blowing on it until they are set. Many times you will feel called by particular stones whether they are beautiful or misshapen and you will have feel direct connection to having them.

We hope that our guide to Stones will help you to understand more about our stones and products and choose the right jewelry for you!


Stone types and meanings:


This stone is a type of banded chalcedony, a mineral of the quartz family. They come in many colors and have different properties. They generally have a slow energy and are good for balancing the energy of the chakra their color pertains to. Brown agate is a great stone for drawing out negativity and grounding energy to the physical world.


A beautiful purple stone/crystal that is a member of the quartz family. It is used for protection, purification, connection to the divine, clarity of mind, and for releasing addictions. This stone relates to the 6th chakra (third eye) and the 7th chakra (Higher Purpose).



A beautiful green or blue stone that is an alkali feldspar material. It is used as a peacemaker and to harmonize with others in communication and in matters of the heart. This stone relates to the 4th Chakra (Heart) and the 5th chakra (Throat).



A beautiful yellow to brown stone that is made of fossilized natural resins. It is used to bring warmth and health and well being, especially those recovering from illnesses. This stone mainly relates to the 3rd chakra (Solar Plexus).



A vivid green or blue stone that is a member of the quartz family and has different meanings based on the color. Green aventurine is the most abundant, and is a stone for physical healing, vivacious energy, and a light hearted energy. It pertains mostly to the 4th chakra(heart). Blue aventurine is a stone of personal strength, discipline, and psychic attunement. It is mainly used for the 6th chakra (3rd eye).

Blue Lace Agate:

A beautiful blue and white banded agate stone that comes from South Africa. It is the stone to help make the communication process easier for those who find it hard to express themselves and their view. This stone relates to the 5th chakra (Throat).



An energetically vibrant orange/red stone that is a member of the chalcedony family. This stone instills courage, sexuality, action and motivates action.  The chakras this stone activates are 1st (Root) 2nd (Creative/Sexual) and 3rd (Solar Plexus).


An energetically strong yellow or orange stone/crystal that is a member of the quartz family. It is used for manifesting abundance, strengthening will power, and stimulating creativity. This stone relates to the 1st (Root) 2nd (Creative/Sexual) and 3rd (Solar Plexus).


A calcium fluoride crystal that is found in a wide array of colors, often together in one stone. These stones draw out negativity and balances energies and helps guide you away from negative energies. Pink fluorite cleanses and heals the emotional body and works on the 4th (heart) chakra. Purple Fluorite helps purify and grants access to the divine nature of human beings.


A red stone that comes in a variety of types. These stones represent prosperity, health, sexuality, and worldly pleasures. They mostly stimulate and energize the 1st chakra (Root).


A type of man made stone that comes in glittering golden brown or dark blue. It was made when copper accidentally spilled into glass, creating a beautiful glitter effect. The energy of the orange/brown goldstone lifts depression, energizes, and heals stomach problems. The energy of blue goldstone is that of protection, vibrant energy, balances mental illnesses, and anorexia and bulimia as well as throat issues like tonsillitis.


A dark grey metallic stone that is an iron oxide mineral. This stone is used for grounding, especially in the physical sense and countering a foggy mind or confusion. It also balances the aura and aligns all chakras together.


A green stone that is varied based on the widespread use of several minerals also called Jade. This stone is used for healing the heart,  dreaming peacefully, and growing the chi, or life force energy. It also is used for abundance. The chakra Jade works on the most is 4th chakra (Heart).


A microcrystalline version of Quartz that comes in a variety of colors and patterns. Red Jasper helps with stamina and endurance (mostly 1st Chakra). Multicolored or Brecciated Jasper stimulates an earthly healing, grounding, and connection to nature. Unakite Jasper slowly helps you to eliminate bad habits, patience, and healing. It mostly works on the 4th chakra (Heart).



A dark variety of coal that can be black or very dark brown. This stone is good for protection and grounding, as well as assisting those in magic or shamanistic practices. Also many use it for purification of other stones and the kidney and liver. The 1st chakra (Root) is stimulated as well as the cleansing of all chakras.


A plagioclase feldspar that is a dark stone that has brilliant shiny colors embedded in it in yellows, greens, and blues. This stone is a true magical gemstone, and it helps unleash abilities in the psychic world, synchronicity, and past life recall.


Lapis Lazuli:

A sodium aluminum silicate that is a blue with gold inclusions. This stone helps to activate the higher mind and psychic abilities, as well as helps discern negative patterns and energies blocking pathways to knowledge and one's true path.


A type of chalcedony that is black with bands of brown or blue. This stone is a heavy grounding stone that lends perseverance, endurance, and focus to even the most boring of tasks. This stone mostly works on the 1st Chakra (Root) the 3rd chakra (Solar Plexus) and the 6th Chakra (3rd eye).


A man made type of glass that is opaque with a multicolored glass look. This stone is said to clear all chakras and the ethereal body and heighten psychic abilities, especially when placed on the 6th chakra (third eye). It also stabilizes mood swings and purifies the kidneys.


A calcium aluminum silicate mineral that is colored yellow-green, yellow, white, grey, or colorless. This beautiful stone links the heart chakra (4th) to the solar plexus chakra (3rd) and thus links the will to the heart. It keeps you in the present time, and quells all fears and what if scenarios. It also draws in other beings and communications from beyond to bless and heighten spiritual awareness. It also stimulates and purifies the digestive system.


An iron sulfate mineral that is a golden layered stone also known as fool's gold. This stone helps vitality issues and helps eradicate bad patterns in health. It also balances polarities and creates harmony throughout the system. It stimulates creativity, and enhances males energies in all people. It works on the 3rd chakra (Solar Plexus).


A silicon dioxide stone/crystal that comes in a variety of colors from clear to black. This stone amplifies the intentions of the wearer, heals, and can be programmed to help the wearer. The stone/crystal works on all chakras.

Rose Quartz:

A member of the quartz family that is pink, from opaque to translucent. This stone is pure love, and it instills trust and peace in whomever wears it while healing the wounds of the heart. This stone works on the 4th chakra (Heart).


Smoky Quartz:

A stone/crystal member of the quartz family that comes in shades of tan to black. This powerful stone is one of the best for clearing and grounding energy. Smoky Quartz is ideal for organizing and manifesting energy to help you move forward with goals practically. This stone works on the 1st chakra (Root).



A chloric sodium aluminum silicate that is blue and white. This stone helps clarify and clear the mind to reveal true insight into the self. It is a deep journey stone, and initiates questions and true purposes within. It works on the 3rd chakra (Solar Plexus).



A oligioclase feldspar mineral that ranges from orange to red-brown, with sparkling inclusions. This amazing stone is a fiery one, and brings leadership, abundance, and enlightened male leadership. It affects mostly the 2nd (Sexual/creative) and 3rd (Solar Plexus). Sunstone is a great stone to bring abundance and light into alignment with the mind's desires.

Tiger Eye:

A member of the quartz family that is gold, brown, yellow and black banded with a deep reflective shine. This stone projects vitality, action and down to earth sensibility. Clearing the mind for true harmony is one of the best things about Tiger Eye. It Mainly works the 1st through 3rd chakras.

Tiger Iron:

A banded stone comprised of Tiger Eye, Jasper, and Hematite that reflects red, brown, black and yellow. This stone is very strong, and it grounds, super charges and vitalizes. It works the 1st through 3rd chakras.

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