Dragon Stone jewelry was founded by Lauren and Adrienne Woods in 2012. These creative musicians were brought together by their love of stones, mythology, and jewelry.  Adrienne and Lauren set out to combine their favorite stones in ways to help energetically charge and help people to understand the different effects these precious jewels can have. Along the way the beauty and attention to detail also were important as they concocted different combinations of stone and metal. This website pays tribute to the ways our ancestors viewed the properties of stones and also brings them into a modern setting with today's fashion influences.

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Introducing Dragon Stone Jewelry's Hot New Accessories!

Dragon Stone Jewelry presents their fun eyeglass accessories. Featuring several of the most favorite wear. Creating multi- talented necklaces using semi precious stones such as amethyst, rose quartz, jasper, onyx, tiger eye and many more! 


Each necklace ranges from $25- $35.

Now that's a fun and cheap way of keep track of your sunglasses or prescription glasses or simply having a necklace with your favorite healing stones!